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Mission of the Ripple Effect




The mission of The Ripple Effect is to work toward the elimination of domestic violence using a community organizing approach through education, research, and advocacy.



The Ripple Effect envisions a community that is educated on the issues of domestic violence; trained and prepared to deal with it sensitively and appropriately; does not excuse or ignore it; and holds abusers accountable.



  1. To increase community awareness of the issue of and the appropriate responses to domestic violence.
  2. To advance community collaboration of domestic violence services to avoid duplication and enhance coordination.
  3. To provide specialized services to domestic violence agencies, city and county agencies, advocacy groups and businesses which provide direct services to those affected by domestic violence to enable these groups to better serve their clients.





“The Ripple Effect was ‘a very present help in time of need.’ It was support through a very hard time in my life. It was God’s love extended toward me.”

—a former client
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“The Ripple Effect is a non-profit organization dedicated to the prevention of domestic violence. We believe that everyone deserves a life free from abuse.”


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