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Are you being abused?



Does the person you love:


  • “track” all of your time? page you constantly or call you at work several times a day
  • to “check up on you?”
  • constantly accuse you of being unfaithful?
  • invade your privacy by reading your mail, listening in on phone calls, going through
  • your purse, drawers, and other personal belongings?
  • discourage your relationships with family and friends?
  • prevent you from working or attending school?
  • criticize you or get very angry about little things?
    control all the finances, make you ask for money, or expect you to account for all you spend?
  • humiliate and degrade you (alone or in front of others)?
  • destroy personal property or sentimental items?
  • push, grab, hit, slap, kick, or bite you or the children?
  • force you to have sex against your will?
  • threaten to kill you, the pets, the kids, other family members, or him/herself if you leave?
  • make you feel afraid most of the time?


If you recognize any of these behaviors in your relationship, call for confidential help:


Victim Resources in Santa Clara County:


Support Network for Battered Women

1-800-572-2782 (24-hour crisis line)

English and Spanish


Next Door, Solutions for Domestic Violence

(408) 279-2962 (24-hour crisis line)

English and Spanish


Community Solutions (South County)

(408) 683-4118 (24-hour crisis line)

English and Spanish


Asian Women’s Home

(408) 975-2739 (24-hour crisis line)

English, ASL, and many Asian languages




Serving women of Bangladesh, Nepal, India, Pakistan, and Sri Lankan descent


The Lazarus Project


Serving the Christian Community




Serving the Muslim Community



Don’t suffer in silence. Help is available.


“The Ripple Effect has quickened me to move forward in helping women. It is breaking the silence in the church and defends those who cannot speak for themselves. I believe it is a voice that confronts the powers that be where silence has hidden the destruction of women.”

—a community member
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“The Ripple Effect is a non-profit organization dedicated to the prevention of domestic violence. We believe that everyone deserves a life free from abuse.”


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