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Nonjudgmental, scripturally-based support to Christian victims & survivors of family violence


The Lazarus Project’s hotline currently receives 20-30 calls per week from Christian victims and survivors in Santa Clara County. Clients are often referred by pastors, friends, teachers, counselors, and schools –and many self-refer after hearing by word-of-mouth about The Lazarus Project.


The Lazarus Project’s Services to abuse victims include:

  • The Helpline
  • Non-clinical Counseling services (in-person, phone, and e-mail counseling)
  • Emergency Food, Clothing, & Cash
  • Case Management
  • Transportation Services
  • Information & Referral
  • Legal Advocacy Services, including court accompaniment
  • Survivors’ Support Group


Since its inception, The Lazarus Project has served over 150 clients, including those who were currently being victimized (both female and male); survivors struggling with the long-term effects of abuse; and concerned co-workers or family members. While the number of unduplicated clients in itself is not impressive, what the total does not reflect is the fact that many of those served have been clients for several years, who have required enormous investments of time and support (particularly when court cases have been involved); in such cases, staff time per client is in hundreds of hours.



Information and referrals to community resources


The Lazarus Project has made referrals to:


  • local domestic violence agencies (Next Door, AACI, Community Solutions, Support Network for Battered Women, Family Violence Center);
  • county social service agencies (for financial assistance, emergency food, medical coverage, mental health services, and job training);
  • legal programs (Legal Aid, Bay Area Legal Services, Family Court Law Facilitator, DVLSR, and the ProBono Project);
  • Christian programs (LifeSkills program for Christian victims and abusers, SARAH program for incest survivors, House of Grace residential substance abuse program, recovery and divorce groups of local churches)



Court accompaniment by Christian advocates trained in family violence issues


Since its founding, The Lazarus Project has served Christian victims and survivors in criminal court, as well as in family court proceedings. Lazarus Project staff has aided in the preparation of court trials, prosecution of abusers, modifications of family support and custody agreements, orders of protection, and in aggressively advocating for accountability on the part of abusers who violate the terms of their probation. Lazarus Project staff are able to provide information about the process, but do not provide legal advice.



Training to the community on the unique needs of Christians who have experienced abuse


Since the official launch of The Lazarus Project in 2000, The Lazarus Project has presented to approximately 350 college students on how religious views affect one’s experience of abuse, as well as their healing afterward.


The Lazarus Project has presented twice at the Faith & Family Violence workshops as part of a state-certified 40-hour training for domestic violence advocates.


The Lazarus Project did a poster presentation on the Equipping the Church series at the International conference on Violence, Abuse and Trauma in September of 2006.



Training to churches and pastoral staff reconciling the spiritual and practical issues when domestic violence occurs in their congregations


The Lazarus Project’s staff was involved in the planning, promotion, and implementation of the South County Interfaith Family Violence Breakfast in May of 2002, reaching 12 key leaders in the Christian community in Gilroy and Morgan Hill.


The Lazarus Project conducted a training in June of 2002 for about 30 lay counselors at South Valley Community Church in Gilroy on domestic violence and how Christians can come alongside those within the fold who are struggling with issues of abuse.


The Lazarus Project conducted a training in February of 2003 for roughly 125 pastors and lay leaders for the Bay Area Baptist District Association on scriptural instruction for a congregational response to incidents of abuse within the church community.


The Lazarus Project’s founder was a keynote speaker at a “Breaking the Silence of Domestic Violence” conference in October of 2003 for roughly 75 pastors and lay leaders in Minnesota.


The Lazarus Project conducted “Equipping the Church,” a 4-part series of workshops in 2006 for church members, pastors, and lay leaders in San Jose.


The Lazarus Project conducted a training for 27 future ministers and church leaders at Impact School of Ministry in San Jose in May of 2006.


The Lazarus Project’s founder was a keynote speaker at the “Embracing Families in Need” interfaith conference in September of 2006 for roughly 125 pastors and lay leaders in San Jose.


The Lazarus Project’s founder wrote a policy paper for the Board of General Superintendents of the Wesleyan Church on the biblical grounds for divorce and remarriage in cases of domestic violence and the scriptural basis for disqualification of abusive ministers.


“The Ripple Effect has quickened me to move forward in helping women. It is breaking the silence in the church and defends those who cannot speak for themselves. I believe it is a voice that confronts the powers that be where silence has hidden the destruction of women.”

—a community member
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“The Ripple Effect is a non-profit organization dedicated to the prevention of domestic violence. We believe that everyone deserves a life free from abuse.”


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